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Havant & Waterlooville v AFCW (PSF) k.o 19:45
Aldershot v AFCW (PSF) k.o 15:00
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We will get whoever Erik & Co decide on tomorrow- so what is the point of all this hot air being wasted on who the next manager will be?:-))
7th Oct 2012 21:19:31 
[] - The home of WUPixels
What does anyone think of fake turf? I believe the technology has come on a long way and the revenue potential if the pitch could be played on more would be a nice. Add in summer concerts and we could really have some money to play with.
7th Oct 2012 21:19:28 
Disclaimer: just thinking aloud, has the technology really come on enough?
Just been an interesting programme on BBC2 about infrastructure and one of the main points is that all your forecasts are likely to be way out; you still have to build it though. That is why something with flexibility is important (a bouncy stand!) so that if we vastly underestimate or overestimate we can adjust to what actually happens.
7th Oct 2012 21:09:46 
[] - The home of WUPixels
sussex saw it on ginger giants post yesterday
7th Oct 2012 21:08:35 
[] - The home of WUPixels
o4tr - I'm around now.
7th Oct 2012 21:06:18 
[] - The home of WUPixels
P.S. Sammy Moore has got a long way to go if he's to match Vinny in the "you know" stakes! :)
7th Oct 2012 21:06:04 
Bassey (no suit), Roy Keane or David O Leary will do for me.
7th Oct 2012 21:05:35 
Missus Prius written off 2 weeks ago. Cheappetrolspaceover.
Is there anywhere online you can watch Goals on Sunday if you don't have Sky?
7th Oct 2012 21:04:39 
deptford don - The home of WUPixels
Just watched 'Goals on Sunday' & have loved seeing all the clips from the good old days! Brilliant! Footy was sooooo much more fun back then!
7th Oct 2012 21:00:38 
I see Swindon are getting between 8-10k in L1 which is probably a better comparison for us.
7th Oct 2012 20:55:11 
[] - The home of WUPixels
Where did you see it TinTin?
7th Oct 2012 20:52:01 
Ardley in.
Charlton are far bigger than us
7th Oct 2012 20:51:13 
[] - The home of WUPixels
would Kiss Me Hardon work?
7th Oct 2012 20:50:16 
HArdon this is not an invite!! or is it...
A lot has changed since the 90's. Don't discount a changed 'brand' around wimbledon fc/afc as well as the family friendly factor a new stadium brings. Plough lane and smellhurst were very different experiences than what we will get in 2019 at the richardson arena. Football consumption in general is completely different.
7th Oct 2012 20:50:08 
A big threat would be if chelsea managed to build a super stadium in nine elms or battersea as has been mooted.
Tudor - for the smaller Premiership games we were getting around 10,000 home fans. You could play the local Croydon fans looking for Prem footy, especially when Palace wasn't in the Prem, against old fans not coming to Selhurst. I would say in a stadium in Wimbledon we would get about 6k in L2, 7.5k in L1 and 10k in the Championship. With obvious increases if we are going for promotion.
7th Oct 2012 20:32:59 
[] - The home of WUPixels
And that's in League One.
7th Oct 2012 20:24:37 
but then I'm an "optimist"
Charlton are probably the most similar club to us in terms of potential size (ex-Premiership club/fanbase, also lost their ground, shared with Palace, financial problems, then fought back to stability) 2011-2012: 17,402, 2010-2011: 15,582, 2009-2010: 17,606.
7th Oct 2012 20:23:50 
enough said space
aha you can now have the gb back! Kiss Me Bert
7th Oct 2012 20:20:23 
[] - The home of WUPixels
hmm Kiss Me Hardy seemed to work?
7th Oct 2012 20:19:42 
[] - The home of WUPixels
I give up Kiss Me or I may sulk
7th Oct 2012 20:19:10 
[] - The home of WUPixels
hmm maybe not Kiss maybe
7th Oct 2012 20:18:35 
[] - The home of WUPixels
or kiss me quick
7th Oct 2012 20:18:07 
[] - The home of WUPixels
reading back i noticed a new character thingy, to find out what is it give me a sloppy kiss you beauties
7th Oct 2012 20:17:26 
[] - The home of WUPixels
Wot Carshalton Womble said. Better facilities and extra income from a (completely) new stadium are in ways more important than whether we have a 10,000 or 12,000 capacity.
7th Oct 2012 20:14:55 
until, of course, we outgrow _that_ one too....
Well you can counter it with Ronaldo. Two for him now.
7th Oct 2012 20:13:19 
[] - The home of WUPixels