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I think Adjala was a huge loss to our team. I think we would be safe now if he had been able to stay till the end of the season.
25th Apr 2013 11:21:09 
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
Basil - they seemed to change it to a West/East thing a few years ago (Southern being West and Isthmian being East). I think they consider Guernsey to be Gatwick so that's why they are going into the Ryman.
25th Apr 2013 11:20:53 
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
after sweeney got injured i felt that our win rate picked up for a bit
25th Apr 2013 11:15:04 
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
1ftr - they are, but don't think that that is relevant. Seeing as they finished just outside the play-offs, I can't see why they should be having a TB-style cull. Surely more a case of "good first season, lads. Just a little bit more next year, please" and one or two close-season purchases to bolster the squad.
25th Apr 2013 11:14:39 
I fucking hate the expression "kick on" space
nick - nope, it'll be Saturday. Was in the Hounslow thingie just before the Gills game, I think.
25th Apr 2013 11:11:21 
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
GG, did think with Fleetwood, they may have little to play for but they are a moneyed club-lot of their players need a good finale to stay at the club. If Repd is not at the game could WS86 write up SW19 :-)
25th Apr 2013 11:08:38 
How close was our loss of Sweeney with our recent meltdown?
Slow train, wasn't last Saturday Jack Midson's 100th appearance?
25th Apr 2013 11:05:19 
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
This is starting to stress me out this whole relegation thing. Anyone wanna explain why there are 4 IP Addresses I am supposedly using right now.
25th Apr 2013 10:45:19 
Simmie Womble
In Sixth Form on a Free Space
GG - your post there mentioning a "Fleetwood hangover" makes me wonder if anybody can find out where the oppo are staying Friday night? I'm sure I have a few fireworks left over from November which I could launch from a nearby car throughout the small hours.
25th Apr 2013 10:44:16 
Or there's the old 1am, 3am, 5am fire alarm routine ;)
25th Apr 2013 10:42:32 
Didn't help.
Trig - if we score in the 2nd minute and run out 1-0 winners it's gonna be hell. As my odds suggest I've got a feeling about Mr. Midson
25th Apr 2013 10:39:26 
On the betting front there has been as much money for everyone else as us (including Plymouth!) Means nothing but any small positive helps :)
1ftr - 1) I haven't seen us win at home all season - I won't be there; 2) don't get me STARTED on REPD - he won't be there; 3) I have had a tenner on us staying up with the Most Rubbish Gambler In The History Of The World, Ever; 4) The Angry Elf has cancelled his season ticket for next year already; 5) We know exactly what we have to do to stay up. In front of a packed house of our own screaming fans; 6) Fleetwood are playing like poo at the moment and they have got absolutely nothing to play for (in fact there might even be a hangover from just missing out on the play-offs, you never know).
25th Apr 2013 10:35:56 
Hillsy that means the m25 historic basis has well and truly gone lol
25th Apr 2013 10:30:52 
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
STTA whilst laying awake at 3am this morning it struck me how much another 'Sammy Moore v Wycombe away' would be most welcome on Saturday. I wouldn't even bitch if it was the only goal of the game again :-)
25th Apr 2013 10:26:28 
Fuck off Thursday and Friday this is insufferable.
Fleetwood have no hard feelings... [Link]
25th Apr 2013 10:25:32 
prob AR
Interesting they have Egham in the Southern League and Guernsey in the Isthmian League.
25th Apr 2013 10:23:58 
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
Who will be our hero on Saturday? Here's my early betting.... Jack 4/7 (Marks his 100th game with the winner) Gazza EVS (He's due one and came so close at Gills) Strutts 5/2 (Comes off the bench to score the winner). KSL 3/1 (25 yard screamer and somersaults into the Tempest). 5/1 Pele (He's shown he's capable and our best chance of a goal from midfield) 7/1 Sammy (Womble legend and well overdue a goal) 33/1 Darko (He couldn't could he.....) 66/1 Sully (Penalty save in the 88th minute).
25th Apr 2013 10:21:26 
500/1 Neal Ardley (If those morons won't follow instructions he dons his boots and comes on to score the winner himself).
Leamington Pete. You ave upset me now
25th Apr 2013 10:19:16 
superdons fan
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
25th Apr 2013 10:12:30 
Great photo - says it all.
25th Apr 2013 10:10:15 
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
Guys, am stepping up the search for a spare tempest ticket as the club are saying their won't be any terrace tickets on sale and at best some single seats. I just need one so I can stand with my Mrs, if anyone has anything so I don't have to stand outside the ground with a sign then I would be very appreciative indeed!
25th Apr 2013 10:09:44 
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
GG, remind me of the basis of optimisim for Saturday (- the jonah's obviously!)...
25th Apr 2013 10:04:28 
Vote for Paddy
Scary [Link]
25th Apr 2013 10:01:21 
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
lol remember that she is American so the main issue is, will she stay on the left hand side of the road!
25th Apr 2013 09:59:25 
www.wup.me.uk - The home of WUPixels
never mind "keep your fingers crossed", more like stick to the extreme inside of the pavement.
25th Apr 2013 09:56:14