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Leyton Orient v. WIMBLEDON K.O. 15:00

+ FA Youth Cup vs Ebbsfleet (19.00) +
Next WUP due out for Hartlepool game on 30th October. Contributions wanted.
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Was it? Cool. You can use the expression that my step-father used to trot out whenever either me, my sister, my mother or my aunt (all went to The Lycee) ever got anything wrong.
13th Sep 2013 08:09:13 
I blame the French education system space
Tsk, tsk, it was a conjunction.
13th Sep 2013 07:39:02 
[] - The home of WUPixels
Feel pity for them TGG, they have no redemption.
13th Sep 2013 07:37:27 
Shandy drinkers.
nah, getting rid of Chelscum fans is the worst. In the end, I had to admit defeat and moved out of Mitcham. And unlike wasps, they serve no purpose whatsoever in the ecosystem.
13th Sep 2013 07:27:10 
I know I started a sentence with a preposition but I'm going to be a grammatical anarchist today
morning troops.
13th Sep 2013 07:14:05 
[] - The home of WUPixels
Good Morning Wombles/Wombelles everywhere .Friday the thirteenth ,means the Months always begins on a Sunday .Come on you Dons
13th Sep 2013 07:08:01 
[] - The home of WUPixels
Forget bedbugs - getting rid if carpet beetles is worse
13th Sep 2013 06:50:51 
Bubbs, wasps are a doddle. Bedbugs are the most evil thing in the universe.
13th Sep 2013 00:59:49 
[] - The home of WUPixels
"Don't you worry too much about wasps, this is our patch and we'll be taking over soon..." [Link]
13th Sep 2013 00:39:14 
(Do not open if you arent keen on insects) "...we especially love it when you're about to settle down and watch your favourite tv prog! Mwhahahaha!"
STTA- I have a tennis racket as well and it fries them nicely. Yet to get a wasp, fly so far. I try to get them out the flat to start with, some are stubborn buggers so they get fried eventually.
12th Sep 2013 23:57:49 
windsor don
My bat is purple as well :-)
Beat them 3-0 (my predicted score anyway), Oxford draw/lose and we are top of the league come 17:00.
12th Sep 2013 23:54:12 
I hope I can go. Finding out tomorrow morning....
Chris Geary is gonna have to up his game if he's to convince TinTin.
12th Sep 2013 23:51:23 
Can't even do that right. Probably using a lot of his spare time driving between Arsenal and Bletchley.
FACT 1 - Chris Geary put the wasps in Bubble's bathroom FACT 2 - Pete Winkleman likes to dress up as a carrot and stand outside the Petsmart in BLETCHLEY handing out 1 season tickets to terrified children. FACT 3 - If it wasn't for Wimbledon fans our troops would still be bogged down in an unwinnable war in IRAQ. FACT 4 - SEX PANTHER: 60% of the time it works every time FACT 5 - I am a tetris coach and my living room is a crown dependency soon to be an offshore tax haven for left-handed midgets FACT 5 - I've always supported my local football club, even when some shifty-looking freak stole the last one so he could build a shopping and hotel complex and allow brainless two-club wankers to watch third tier football and laud him as some kind of local hero FACT 6 - We dusted ourselves down and did it all again. Whilst under such wondrous stewardship, WFC's golden share plummeted down the divisions and is only kept afloat by selling off chunks of land and grooming young boys. FACT 7 - Go bust/You might as well go bust. Hope that helps, you fail-faced fucktard.
12th Sep 2013 23:37:47 
FACT FACT FACT FACT space END OF FACT winky kissy wissy smiley
tf-Maybe trying to save on hotel costs? Seems an odd choice, even if the fans are London based its still a ball ache on Friday night
12th Sep 2013 23:31:58 
[] - The home of WUPixels
*Scunthorpe - meant no disrespect to the point-givers :)
12th Sep 2013 23:30:20 
[] - The home of WUPixels
Only just read that piece about Southend requesting Friday night games 'just so they can tempt some West Ham fans along'. Mr Brown's bleating about Morecambe time wasting has the air of a manager who is not going to last long in his current position.
12th Sep 2013 23:27:45 
I'm surprised 6 clubs have accepted, especially the likes of Scubthorpe who surely risked hacking off those fans who might have made it on the Saturday. Maybe they assumed away fans would be made up of mostly those who are already in London.
The good news about wasps is that they don't return to the nest after the winter. We had a nest in our porch roof a couple of years ago, but they've not returned since.
12th Sep 2013 23:26:50 
Our postman was stung once, but no-one else.
Chris Geary = Turkey of the week
12th Sep 2013 23:03:51 
Always dangerous when Franchise customers use the word FACT
Oo er missus!
Bubble - find the source and fill with expansion foam :)
12th Sep 2013 23:01:11 
COYD for Saturday
Bubble, wasps are ok, leave them alone [Link]
12th Sep 2013 22:52:17 
[] - The home of WUPixels
Have free Cheltenham to Victoria coach ticket Sat 28.Dep 1745 if anyone wants it..
12th Sep 2013 22:36:45 
Staying in Cheltenham for evening to catch Rebels V Clare replay @ 1700
MKC - I have a similar feeling but I'm refusing to think it out loud. Going there having a realistic chance is pretty cool.
12th Sep 2013 22:31:34 
3-2 Dons
Bubble - I have a tennis bat type machine for killing them, it produces a small electric charge when they contact the surface. You can actually hear them fry.
12th Sep 2013 22:28:21 
It's strangely satisfying :)
Bubs - are you getting a buzz? :-)
12th Sep 2013 22:25:50 
[] - The home of WUPixels
5 isnt a lot at all in 8 days, if there was a nest in your property you would have that a day, minimum
12th Sep 2013 22:18:47 
[] - The home of WUPixels