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Next WUP not due out for Boxing Day. Contributions wanted.
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Hi all we are Organising Ewell Funday in September, to continue Ollies legacy, this year four charities will benefit, Momentum, The Children’s Trust Tadworth, The Encephalitis Society and Queen Marys childrens ward. If you are on Twitter please give @EwellFunDay a follow, and if you are on Facebook click going or interested on our event page, and invite any friends with kids, Haydon and AFC Wimbledon foundation will be attending [Link]
20th Jun 2016 23:09:00 
Also if you know any companies that may want a stall or maybe like to donate a raffle or auction prize, contact us at theparsons08(at)gmail(dot)com thanks in advance
Nothing on OS bout Payne and Lee?
1st Jul 2016 10:32:03 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
I am glad that I have come on here and lowered the tone away from politics and how bad our new signings are before they have even worn our shirt :)
1st Jul 2016 10:25:44 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Teenie tiny people
"Lister, I'm far, far, far too much of a gentleman to stoop to that kind of shower-room mentality. All you need to know about Yvonne MacGruder is: I gave her one!"
1st Jul 2016 10:18:44 
Rimmer, Red Dwarf.
Welcome Charlie Lee and Jack Payne
1st Jul 2016 10:18:06 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
TF - you told me you already have!!
1st Jul 2016 10:11:08 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
I met Kelly Brook once, few years ago now at a GQ Man Of They Year Awards after party (I didn't win.) I had a very negative perception of her at that point and also didn't think that physically she was my type but having had albeit a brief chat with her she's lovely. Fair enough not the brightest spark but not quite as dim as she can come across on TV. And, in the flesh, she was absolutely stunning and not just cos of the mahoosive mammaries.
1st Jul 2016 10:02:48 
To sum up, I would have.
TGG - Yes, she is extremely dumb it seems. Doesn't matter when you have a paper bag over the head though
1st Jul 2016 10:00:46 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
NO!!!!! That would absolutely GUARANTEE that that twat lifts the trophy.
1st Jul 2016 09:49:10 
100% success rate frowny
And Kelly Brook - no thanks. Even such a stunning pair of nadgers is not enough to compensate for what she's got between her ears.
1st Jul 2016 09:47:55 
file under Mariah Carey space
Can I have £10 on Portugal please ? Just joking.
1st Jul 2016 09:46:39 
Annie Power space
Crawley womble... you live close enough:)
1st Jul 2016 09:44:59 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
crawley - I think that my scabby computer can do the channel 5 thingie. It does the beeb I-player but not the all4 jobbie. I will check later - not necessarily a good look to get any sort of aroused when you work in an exclusively (fat, hairy, smelly) male environment. And, by the way, I know that I should be loving the odds and taking all the money I can on the Euros because my margins are great, but I am coming out on strike in sympathy with my punters.
1st Jul 2016 09:43:33 
Yes. You read that correctly. A bookie having sympathy for their punters. You might want to take a screen-shot of this post, because I'm pretty sure that you will NEVER see such a thing again :-)
HHW, You'd need help! lot's of help, she's too much woman for one man to handle.
1st Jul 2016 09:40:55 
crawley womble - The ex home of WUPixels
HHW, possibly even two!
1st Jul 2016 09:38:19 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
HHW - maybe memory loss in older age isn't such a bad thing after all ;)
1st Jul 2016 09:36:39 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
She can gobble away on whatever she wants
1st Jul 2016 09:33:28 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
HHW, She's a maneater !
1st Jul 2016 09:31:32 
crawley womble - The ex home of WUPixels
I would annihilate Kelly Brook
1st Jul 2016 09:23:56 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
The GG, If you didn't see It's not you it's me on ch 5 last night, may i suggest the ch 5 catch up thingy. i know she's not a nurse but believe me it's worth a look.
1st Jul 2016 09:19:58 
crawley womble
Kelly Brook "twin peaks" cleavage pervert smiley
1st Jul 2016 09:15:49 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Preferably someone with transport!
1st Jul 2016 09:15:18 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Port Vale are raising the Dutch leagues. Wonder if Bassey's travel budget is getting a boost now we're in L1 so he can keep up his strong player-spotting tradition...
1st Jul 2016 09:15:09 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Yep hash announced later
1st Jul 2016 09:14:44 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Is anyone near the club today who lives near Sm4, if so email me deancparsons08(at)gmail(.)com may need a favour if possible
1st Jul 2016 09:14:39 
Morning all xx
New signing day?
1st Jul 2016 09:14:08 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels