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Final Few Days to fill in in your WUP Premonitions for 2015/16! [Link] Final League Position/Points/Top scorer/League Goals. Preseason is over, so polls close soon, so don't dither, it only takes a minute!
27th Jul 2015 22:01:13 
There may be prizes involved, or we might be fibbing, but it's definitely for fun!
LAST CALL FOR ARTICLES! By MONDAY 23:59!!!!!! Now, we realise that preseason article-writing is all about match fitness - but this time it's for real! So if you're planning to write about a hot topic and want to make the cut, bash it out over the weekend, then SEND YOUR SCRIBBLINGS to content@wup.me.uk . THANKS :)
25th Jul 2015 11:45:33 
you can also email Tu7or or Raspberry direct with any questions or timidly nervous queries space
Good morning all. With the introduction of Robbo to the squad (looks a great acquisition BTW), it seems to me that we have a squad better suited to playing 4-4-2 than 3-4-3. For me, Baz is a natural full back and Barch and George are natural wide midfiellders rather than wing backs. Also, whilst liking the idea of 3 up top I am not sure that NA's plan for Elliott to run in behind is going to work out. He looks like a bit of an 'Elijah Prince' charater to me (cue obscure film reference) who will spend much of the season sidelined. For me, Bayp and Lyle Taylor could form a very effective pair up front. All this for discussion purposes only, of course.
2nd Aug 2015 09:12:24 
I wonder why Harrison was not involved on Thursday or Saturday? I hope it was just a niggle and he wasn't the young player whose yardages were down in pre-season training.
Tubbs does look pretty tubby. Not that impressive that you can't control your weight as a professional footballer. At least wait until you retire to let it all hang out [Link]
2nd Aug 2015 09:02:01 
www.wup.me.uk - The ex home of WUPixels
good moaning
2nd Aug 2015 08:57:25 
www.wup.me.uk - The ex home of WUPixels
The best bit from Pete's link is where the Pompey players swap shirts and tubby tubbs reluctantly takes his off and 'breaths in' shall we say
2nd Aug 2015 08:56:32 
Hold it in space
DanDonDan - delighted to help out, and a PSF was the best day to come down and have a look around. So much quieter than next weekend. :o)
2nd Aug 2015 08:53:28 
www.wup.me.uk - The ex home of WUPixels
Essex Womble - so how did the cricket go yesterday? Man of the match performance, I trust?
2nd Aug 2015 08:52:12 
SLP stuff to follow later today, and see you next Saturday.
Postman 99 - I try to always be in holiday mode :)
2nd Aug 2015 08:47:14 
life is a state of mind space
A big thank you to Laurence and everyone else at the club who helped to arrange my photography session yesterday
2nd Aug 2015 08:19:55 
Now got to make something out of it all!
Morning all in holiday mode
2nd Aug 2015 08:12:31 
www.wup.me.uk - The ex home of WUPixels
Very happy with what I saw yesterday.
2nd Aug 2015 08:01:06 
www.wup.me.uk - The ex home of WUPixels
neal says no more players what we have now is it
2nd Aug 2015 07:25:13 
Wimbledon are our team lets be proud of that
Team looking pretty promising - we've strengthened in every area and definitely the strongest squad to date. Agree with those who think midfield will be our weakness - that's been the case ever since our return to the FL!
2nd Aug 2015 06:58:59 
www.wup.me.uk - The ex home of WUPixels
I cannot say "Community Shield" without saying "The traditional curtain raiser to the football season" afterwards,its impossible.
2nd Aug 2015 06:55:42 
Mitcham AHON
Morning Laurence and other early morning wombles
2nd Aug 2015 06:50:48 
See you all next Saturday
morning Wombles everywhere.
2nd Aug 2015 06:31:45 
relaxing day yesterday, next Saturday will not be the same.
Paul Robinson on the FLS advert [Link]
1st Aug 2015 23:58:19 
smallprint says Pompey, but still
Docklands - that's OK then. I can confirm that I'm a full knob
1st Aug 2015 23:41:40 
Cash Converters, Pyongyang
HD - apparently size doesn't matter.
1st Aug 2015 23:38:34 
www.wup.me.uk - The ex home of WUPixels
I'm not sure which is best; being a bit of a knob, or being a lot of a knob?
1st Aug 2015 23:35:04 
www.wup.me.uk - The ex home of WUPixels
Worst home form is a bit of a red herring. We may have only won 10, but we only lost 5. Unbeaten in 10 as well.
1st Aug 2015 22:53:36 
www.wup.me.uk - The ex home of WUPixels
massive bellend
1st Aug 2015 22:35:17 
love you tuds x
STTA - Bit of a knob? I'm insulted! Everyone knows I am a massive bellend.
1st Aug 2015 22:27:32 
pendulous space
stta-yes, was fair. so why doesn't it happen . its not about what he wants, its about what happens. that's management.
1st Aug 2015 22:10:21 
www.wup.me.uk - The ex home of WUPixels
did you see we have the worst home form in the whole football league!!
1st Aug 2015 22:06:41 
on sky
Neal answered the hafsog question at mtm by saying if you thought he asked them for anything except 'end product' when they get in the final third..... you're a bit of a knob.
1st Aug 2015 22:02:39 
Pretty fair I thought