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A Wombling Merry Christmas to all from the Gimps at the Womble Underground Press
Portsmouth v AFCW (FL2) k.o 13:00
AFCW v Exeter City (FL2) k.o 15:00
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Tudor - Can I ask John Green if he has a fanny?
22nd Dec 2014 21:17:53 
kentish don
Neurotic teenage girl space
I may go to Kingsmeadow Boxing Day but I want reassurance that Trumpton won't win again
22nd Dec 2014 21:14:22 
Hardon, part of my rock development was that great Woodstock performance - rarely do you see a performance of such passion and care for the original.
22nd Dec 2014 21:13:17 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Speaking of Liverpool fans, John Green of the Nerdfighters hoarding/back of shorts sponsorship will apparently be coming over for the game. So, if anybody spots a 2CW wearing a half Liverpool half Wombles shirt/scarf in the Presidents Lounge area - feel free to call him a cunt, but don't forget to thank him for the sponsorship at the same time ;)
22nd Dec 2014 21:09:25 
don't forget to be awesome space
Oo er missus!
RIP Joe Cocker
22nd Dec 2014 21:00:41 
alan from the iow
Blimey. The Liverpool fans who get tickets will be the most hardcore away fans in history (probably) [Link]
22nd Dec 2014 20:59:42 
kentish don
12 games!
standard League 2 all ticket con.
22nd Dec 2014 20:52:36 
ague should get involved with clubs doing this prolifically. Just away of getting the cash out of people accounts and into theirs.
Probably old news but i phoned portsmouth today - they will be selling tickets to afc fans without tickets on the day
22nd Dec 2014 20:48:45 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Thanks Nick, so the pitch should get a rest. Last year that fierce local derby attracted 460 fans, I think they're hoping 461.
22nd Dec 2014 20:43:48 
K's probably count Nick as well, who often has to attend to the pitch after a game. Cuz K's have tenants rights...
I hope ticket office got my SAE
22nd Dec 2014 20:43:35 
Shoot At Exeter
Tubbs has blown hot and cold not sure there will be that many suitors, as price has to be right. He's also a good example for Oakley. I'd like a midfielder as well Agogo from Daggers or similar?
22nd Dec 2014 20:36:57 
Despite our budget issues-on paper we had one of the best strike pairings at start of the season.
Superdon the K's have the Boxing Day feast of refined football when they host the silky smooth skills of local rivals Hampton & Richmond.
22nd Dec 2014 20:31:36 
I believe that Hampton are considering a festive commemorative comb and case to mark the game.
I just hope we have a decent striker lined up of Tubbs goes as Azeez is not the answer
22nd Dec 2014 20:28:13 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
just hope that in training they are trying different striking combinations, no evidence of that on sat
22nd Dec 2014 20:25:57 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Nick, do you know if K's have a home game before the Liverpool game. Need the pitch to be fine when we take on the scoucers.
22nd Dec 2014 20:19:30 
With the Azeez debate Bassey had said he wasn't finished. He was good in JPT game against Southend,and the Scum. Oakley had an injury early on so we didn't have many options up front. St George is the future
What you have to do if you're a Yeovil fan after FA cup tickets: [Link]
22nd Dec 2014 20:06:49 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
I walk to KM and will take train to Wimbledon or Earlsfield and walk from there. Either way won't be driving under any circumstances so there definitely won't be any traffic issues caused or contributed to by me.
22nd Dec 2014 20:04:15 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Just one word for anyone complaining about our ticketing arrangements - SeeTickets.
22nd Dec 2014 20:01:54 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Gutted about Joe Cocker. Loved his performance at Woodstock
22nd Dec 2014 19:56:05 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
I'll be walking to NPL, because I am a far superior fan than the rest of you tossers.
22nd Dec 2014 19:54:58 
plus I live really close space
Having observed the prodigious amounts Joe Cocker was drinking in the late 60s, he actually did well to get to 70 but RIP.
22nd Dec 2014 19:54:04 
emptied a bottle of spirits during a performance
I drive to Kingsmeadow but would get the train to Earlsfield. 30 mins, direct service so no great hardship.
22nd Dec 2014 19:48:55 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Joe Cocker RIP
22nd Dec 2014 19:37:18 
nick - The ex home of WUPixels
Seems the survey result suggest quite a few cars but they would specify off site parking locations and coach people in. That's my reading of it anyways.
22nd Dec 2014 19:35:52 
11% will drive to NPL apparently..
Would people criticise Akinfenwa if all we did was to play channel balls for him to run beyond the centre backs? I would hope not, so will grant Azeez the same excuses when all we do is throw up long high balls expecting him to outbattle big centre halves. He did have a poor game on Saturday but so did Tubbs and partly for the same reason, brainless service.
22nd Dec 2014 19:35:10 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels