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Next WUP due out for Hartlepool game on 30th October. Contributions wanted.
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26th Nov 2015 08:59:01 
election special sticky
Will you be at the London Bari game next Wednesday?
30th Nov 2015 14:54:15 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
U21 game has been called of tonight. I will be at the next two games scheduled for the next two Mondays.
30th Nov 2015 14:51:05 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Ardley lays into the Orient ref [Link]
30th Nov 2015 14:18:17 
ylgsport - The ex home of WUPixels
I've bought my champagne for the 10th. But I'm lacking in cocaine.
30th Nov 2015 14:16:36 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Hash - Thanks for spotting. That's a really positive response and would on the face of it seem to clear the last hurdle that was holding the application from going to planning committee. Hopefully we'll be on the agenda for next week Thurs.
30th Nov 2015 13:55:42 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Apparently the Golf Club signed up to this a few days ago at a members meeting.
30th Nov 2015 13:52:03 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Environment Agency response [Link]
30th Nov 2015 13:51:12 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
I wonder what WPRA think of this? [Link]
30th Nov 2015 13:50:48 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Hash - that is excellent news. And well spotted! Was this from the Merton website?
30th Nov 2015 13:47:03 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
I see the Environment Agency have finally got round to submitting their response to the latest consultation, 6 weeks after the deadline. Despite it being 6 weeks late, it is good news: first of all there is confirmation that the site no longer falls within the functional floodplain, secondly they no longer object and thirdly they have a few conditions which will need to be met (presumably as part of the section thingy that will get signed). So basically Paschal needs to start taking some swimming lessons and the WPRA who harped on and on about flooding are going to have to find something else to harp on about.
30th Nov 2015 13:37:15 
Apologies if Andy Goodman
I will be doing live updates tonight for the U21 Development League game vs Southend Untied via the twitter site @9yrspodcast and also some live periscope action via @afcwscope.
30th Nov 2015 12:35:38 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
STTA, our podcast is released every Thursday morning. We record it during the week depending on any midweek games and to keep it as current as possible. We mixed it up this week by recording the podcast from Leyton Orient and it was a good experience and something we will do more off. Its great to get opinions of other fans as opinions are what makes this game so interesting.
30th Nov 2015 12:34:19 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Why wasn't there a minute's silence or some clapping on Saturday?
30th Nov 2015 12:32:57 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
So, if Luton sack their manager after they lost at Newport, putting them 14th in the division, I wonder what some on here will be hoping for in our next away game, which is at.......
30th Nov 2015 12:30:32 
for the 2nd day in a row, HAPPY ST ANDYS DAY :-)
30th Nov 2015 12:13:35 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Never mind Torquay, what's happened to Kidderminster? They've been around the play-offs for the last three seasons. Certainly doesn't look they'll be coming up any time soon :-(
30th Nov 2015 12:03:41 
best munch in non-league space
Now I've got to post something just so that isn't the first thing people read.
30th Nov 2015 11:54:51 
swin don has a dirty calendar!
30th Nov 2015 11:14:14 
ooooh space
Meadow - nice to hear 68 Guns being blasted out on Saturday !
30th Nov 2015 10:49:33 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Woah, whats happened to Torquay United ? [Link]
30th Nov 2015 10:45:16 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
STAN - Recorded Wednesday, available from Thursday.
30th Nov 2015 10:38:23 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Stuart D - I got round to listening to one of your podcasts last night (gk errors and chilly nights), enjoyed it and will try and tune in every week now. When does Saturday's go up?
30th Nov 2015 09:59:21 
See you later at Merstham
Morning all - don't like the look of the calendar - I might have to do some cleaning on Saturday
30th Nov 2015 09:50:15 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
30th Nov 2015 09:11:42 
dondog - The ex home of WUPixels
30th Nov 2015 09:11:19 
dondog - The ex home of WUPixels