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Happy Wedding Anniversary to Nick and his better half!
Newport County v AFCW k.o 15:00
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SUN 28 SEP 2014 – 2.00pm The FA Women’s Cup – 1Q AFC Wimbledon Ladies v Fulham Foundation FC (at AFC Wimbledon; Cherry Red Records Stadium; Jack Goodchild Way; Kingston-on-Thames; KT1 3PB)
18th Sep 2014 23:15:05 
Free admission
Don't let him wind you up the blokes a grade A twat
21st Sep 2014 02:56:35 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
I made my mind up about ardley a few weeks ago and while I'm happy the team is winning I don't rate the guy. But then again you cant argue with the recent results. as for you digy. Go f--k yourself
21st Sep 2014 02:28:57 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
and, for fucks sake, sort out, your use of, commas, you, complete, wanker
21st Sep 2014 02:26:54 
dondog - The ex home of WUPixels
When the fuck have I been an "Ardley out hawk" or "doom monger", dickhead. Don't sling mud at me! Tosser
21st Sep 2014 02:01:19 
On another note, today was a great result and great match, nice to grind out a result like that even though the heart got a bit of a workout in the second half, was very tight. Sat right behind the goal when bayo scored which made my day, had to miss him score his first goals for us on Tuesday as had other commitments, so was chuffed to see him get one. Spent another £50 in the club shop, saw us get a great result, been on a high ever since.....until I saw that post that's fucked me right off
Sorry - they showed the tuesday win as well on the FLS. And also Akinfenwa's volley that really should have gone in? *dies from shock*
21st Sep 2014 01:04:28 
Simmie Womble - The ex home of WUPixels
Got my photo taken with Harry Bassett today.1-0 wankers on wup
21st Sep 2014 00:26:37 
Wot a day
Digy you mendacious c@@t I was one of the first dudes on here post win. God I hate you,
21st Sep 2014 00:26:10 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Nug out
21st Sep 2014 00:05:44 
womblesince86 - The ex home of WUPixels
Ardley out!!
20th Sep 2014 23:56:02 
windsor don
It is a bit disguising, that all the Ardley out hawks, and doom mongers, not necessarily in that order, have chosen to say nothing, and stay away, after two great wins, by Ardely and the team. Most notably BBQ74, Kyledoughtmeistergeneral, Superwomble, Wombleballywoo, Dondog. Not that I am saying they are not entitled to their opinion, before people jump down my neck, but rather they did not keep, a not so dignified silence when things are going well. Maybe revise, or amend their opinions, or even reiterate them, regardless of the wins.
20th Sep 2014 23:54:12 
By the way, I am not buying the, I was busy, and could not get to my computer, they have no trouble finding keyboards, when we lose.
Cw - I think both us and frannies both agree that we should be in the upper tier, that should be enough in all honesty, apart from the idiotic pitch invasion during the league cup, I'm not aware of any other major incident (not saying I've scrutinised it though)
20th Sep 2014 23:49:31 
No chance I'll go, not ever going to set foot in there
Bcw - the referee has conspired with the fa - they have said we are not allowed to win 2 home games on the spin, branding it an illegal result, so we will be deducted 60 points on Monday! :-)
20th Sep 2014 23:41:05 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
CW-we could do without any more crowd problems with the stadium decision in the near future
20th Sep 2014 23:40:30 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
York train tics should be on sale Sun.
20th Sep 2014 23:11:58 
Going for a hat trick of pre Xmas away games to be called off
Are we sure today's game actually happened and it wasn't just a dream as it is not on the OS Fixture List.
20th Sep 2014 23:11:28 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
The problem is that this is the least important and lowest ranked game we against them, obviously all-ticket will reduce what will inevitably a low gate, and would piss people off who like to make an on the day decision, on the other hand, we do need to manage risk, and the easiest way to manage that, is to restrict tickets, no easy answer
20th Sep 2014 22:51:29 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
I might make some badges to give to the franchise fans' children: "PETE FIXED IT FOR ME"
20th Sep 2014 22:45:04 
Building bridges space
No offence meant spit, but could you stay down there? ;)
20th Sep 2014 22:44:12 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
been on holiday in devon the last week,so missed both wins.still I sure my mate enjoyed my season ticket.
20th Sep 2014 22:34:44 
spit the dog
amazing results against good teams,if only we could beat ones down bottom end.
Cant find any after Afc 1 Rushden 0 26/3/11 and Afc 2 Barrow 0 02/04/11
20th Sep 2014 22:33:13 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
By the time the ref turned around Amond played it down and started walking away. Either way, we won the game and his cheating came to nothing. He just embarrassed himself.
20th Sep 2014 22:27:50 
dulwich don - The ex home of WUPixels
Fair enough OI, but he was right in his face for what seemed an age.
20th Sep 2014 22:21:23 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
5/2/11 Afc 1 Fleetwood 0 12/2/11 Afc 1 York 0
20th Sep 2014 22:20:52 
Answer to a question posted earlier. Two successive clean sheets at home. Still checking if correct
Two more draws and another 3-0 defeat before we can say we are an average team again
20th Sep 2014 22:17:51 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
He took action, he clearly told the idiot that he'd be offside as soon as the free kick was taken. You are allowed to crowd the keeper at corners so OK at free kicks too.
20th Sep 2014 22:10:22 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels