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AFCW v Northampton (FL2) k,o 15:00
Dagenham & Redbridge v AFCW (FL2) k.o. 15:00
+ Happy Birthday Kate, Timo Of The Temple and Fergie +
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For those who know me, or just want to support a fellow womble, I'm running the Brighton Marathon on the 12th of April - in aid of Tommy's - a charity that means a lot to me (as you'll either know, or can read about on my link!) I'd appreciate any support at all! ; [Link]
30th Mar 2015 22:10:50 
I'll hopefully be at Dagenham the day before if you want to wish me luck. I've trained pretty hard for this - run several competitive half marathons, and lost several stone to boot. Gimps - any chance of a sticky for a bit? :)
For the final time this season you have the chance to purchase The Historical Don - the magazine that delves deep into the club's glorious past. Issue 12 includes interviews with Jon Turner and Ryan Gray as the 2004-05 double winning campaign is recalled, the night Permiership chasing Blackburn Rovers were humbled at Selhurst Park, the story behind Allen Batsford's shock resignation in 1978, the club's all time top ten golascorers, Amateur Cup legend and Olympian Les Brown on his Wimbledon career and much, much more.
29th Mar 2015 15:03:26 
On sale before and after the Northampton game for just two of your English pounds.
DNA - all the shit clubs that still need to think about what they're doing have already worked us out. All the good teams above us feel they don't need to worry about us.
1st Apr 2015 18:39:01 
We know our place. We're mid table. We look up to them and down on them. Sometimes we look at our own belly button.
Red Kite: I wonder what construction costs have done over the same period.
1st Apr 2015 18:38:44 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
London property prices are much higher now than when Gallard first wrote their business pla n (obviously i don't know what price assumptions they made but normally company finance people prefer caution) hence they should be able to absorb some reductions in units or increases in (flood def) costs
1st Apr 2015 18:37:03 
I hope :-)))
GG - I'll bow to your spellchecker's superiority, but I wouldn't accept it if I was marking it, and I've never ever seen it used before - but then correct spelling (and grammar too for that matter) are apparently worth sh*t all nowadays (I attempted "nowardays" there, but it autocorrected).
1st Apr 2015 18:26:47 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
CW - that's plan B if PL gets rejected on the number of flats required to fund it. Scrap the flats and build a car park there instead and get the flats built in Tooting!
1st Apr 2015 18:22:43 
Always need a plan B ;-)
Back home now from Rome, had lots of culture and all that. Seeing as we are playing on Friday , I was expecting an update about the match today. Hmmm
1st Apr 2015 18:19:59 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Khan was on BBc local news the other night saying housing was desperately required
1st Apr 2015 18:07:05 
Except for in his back yard
We are smarter than Aussies, we can decide for ourselves whether it is worth voting.
1st Apr 2015 18:03:45 
As far as I'm concerned it always is but it should be a free choice
I also agree with Slik, but because of Khan recent statements I cannot vote for him, I want a Labour Government, but Tooting Labour Parties Anti Plough Lane campaign means I have to vote for another party.
1st Apr 2015 17:54:59 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
I think a lot of the fault is with the twat who sold off all our public services, council houses on the cheap etc... now, can anyone tell me who that was? if the rail system can make a profit, if the gas and leccy companies can make money etc.... why the fuk didn't the government run them and make money for themselves, the thing their now trying to save in most of the wrong places coz they don't have enough.
1st Apr 2015 17:36:07 
fukin politics and politicians, all as bad as each other, but since I don't want to run it, i'll let those that do continue to make a living out of it and whoever wins a cozy new house in downing street is welcome to it, i'll carry on the same regardless who ever lives there
Tudor - I think the use of "under-18s" would be considered dubious...
1st Apr 2015 17:13:56 
If it was "18 and Dirty", imagine the disappointment when it will turn out to be two minutes of piss-poor midfield tacking
EW - it's a shame that it isn't a legal requirement to vote in a GE. It should be and the ballot papers should have a "None of the above" box for the apathetic to tick, then we really would know who had a majority!
1st Apr 2015 17:13:23 
I understand it was/still is a legal requirement to vote in Holland?
Tudor - we have no 4xl home shirts as they weren't delivered, so anyone who needs one may have to wait a little longer.
1st Apr 2015 17:10:54 
All other sizes in plentiful supply ;-0
Silk: happy to talk to you re: Greens and you can make your mind up.
1st Apr 2015 17:08:45 
Nomination papers accepted today and deposit submitted, therefore a candidate in 2015 General Election .
And also the club shop, too, possibly, as well, maybe. ;)
1st Apr 2015 17:05:33 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
I see AFCW are trying to entice the likes of REPD and Hardon to check out the club's youtube channel
1st Apr 2015 17:04:51 
DNA - does that count as an AFCW type post? :)
SILK - shut the fuck up and eat your broccolli!
1st Apr 2015 17:03:04 
Ha! Looks like I finally managed to send everyone to sleep, so I shall end with - Happy Birthday Kate :-)
1st Apr 2015 17:01:00 
play nicely
Love this place - I've got 100 posts displaying on my settings and not a single one about AFC Wimbledon other than an April Fool's joke from Tintin about signing Tanner and Hylton.
1st Apr 2015 17:00:10 
I pity any of our prospective opponents' fans coming on here trying to get some insight on the forthcoming games from our side :-)
The Welfare State as an economic model is completely redundant. In 1948, life expectancy for men was 3 years after retirement and women (I think) about 8. Long-term illness was virtually unheard of and obesity (along with all its extremely expensive knock-on effects) was an un-imaginable luxury. Nowadays (for afcw4e), the environment is TOTALLY different - never mind the fact that drugs can now cost an absolute bloody fortune, as BigPharma (quite rightly, in my opinion) has to get back its simply astronomical R & D costs. Joined-up thinking is the only way that we will stop the whole thing falling over within 30 years and Good Luck Wit' Dat when the people who have to make the decisions (of any stripe) have to look for short-term solutions - both because of their own political futures and because the playing field is changing faster than ever.
1st Apr 2015 16:49:56 
good luck to any poor sods that want to take that job on because they're a better man than I am sad face
Having been a business owner it did give me insight into what was good for business owners, I'm not sure it educated me significantly in what was good for the country
1st Apr 2015 16:47:16 
and the right-leaning bastards may remark that the latter is obvious from my comments ;)
I agree with Silk there.
1st Apr 2015 16:47:06 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Wu - If anything I hate Labour more than the Tories. You know what you get from the Tories. They will look after the rich on the backs of the taxpayers - feeding them the lie about social mobility. Labour feed the myth that they cared about the man in the street - the Tories don't. I was fooled by Labour in 1997 - I thought they were the answer.
1st Apr 2015 16:41:41 
The Tories will punch you in the face; Labour will put their arm around you then stab you in the back.
Windsor Don - sounds about right
1st Apr 2015 16:39:35 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
afcw4e - both spellings are acceptable according to a quick go on my spell-checker (as are spelled and spelt). If I want to be REALLY finicky, I could also point out that I was grammar-Nazi-ing and never had any pretence at being the spllung police ;-)
1st Apr 2015 16:38:34 
smelling as opposed to acting violently upon space