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AFCW v Chesterfield k.o 15:00

Next WUP not due out for Boxing Day. Contributions wanted.
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Hi all we are Organising Ewell Funday in September, to continue Ollies legacy, this year four charities will benefit, Momentum, The Children’s Trust Tadworth, The Encephalitis Society and Queen Marys childrens ward. If you are on Twitter please give @EwellFunDay a follow, and if you are on Facebook click going or interested on our event page, and invite any friends with kids, Haydon and AFC Wimbledon foundation will be attending [Link]
20th Jun 2016 23:09:00 
Also if you know any companies that may want a stall or maybe like to donate a raffle or auction prize, contact us at theparsons08(at)gmail(dot)com thanks in advance
29th Aug 2016 07:40:47 
Available on a free transfer. Seen him play for Burton & Blackpool.
But before I do..the plus points from what I witnessed on Saturday. Darius Charles was superb. Heading and positioning was great. Return of Jon Meades..he was solid throughout the game and some of his forward running and passing helped our attacks no end. We have missed him. Jake Reeves..even though he over plays 70% of his passes..he was lively and played well. Danny Bullman again gave 100% with tireless running off the ball. Big Tom Elliott..gave a really strong performance. ..held ball up...his heading was great and on another day he could have opened his account with a goal. Feel one will come soon. Last but not least Mr Fuller put a shift in..some great break up play and also link up play on our attacks. Put in a fair few decent crosses and could have scored a goal with great strike 2nd half.
29th Aug 2016 07:07:38 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Red kite - be my pleasure
29th Aug 2016 06:53:53 
Thankyou kindly.
I'm actually satisfied with the result. A draw is more than I expected. I accept that we were 2 minutes from winning, but a draw is not the worse that could happen.
29th Aug 2016 06:20:19 
Onward and upwards.
And on a totally different subject, how big will the pitch be at NPL ? I hope it is a lot bigger than at KM.
29th Aug 2016 03:30:30 
A Don since 74.
Personally I think Shea should have a run out v Swansea & Clarke should play the next league game. If Shea does well & Clarke has a mare, then switch them for the next league game & take it from there. That way you give Shea game time & Clarke will have had enough games to have shown Ardley what he can or can't do.
29th Aug 2016 03:27:02 
A Don since 74.
I am fucked off about the result, but we were also literally 1 minute away from being out of the relegation zone and on 4 points. Now, if that happened on the last game of the season I would be devastated, but we have over 40 games still left to play here and seriously, would the doom mongrels on here be pissing and whining today in the same way if we'd come away with all three points? Or is that "papering over the cracks" and "fundamentals" blah blah? Like I said, not happy but this honestly looks like fine-tuning to me and everyone - fans and management and players alike - stop being so fucking negative.
28th Aug 2016 23:39:11 
...and this is why I wait ten games for the overall pattern to emerge. Sample size, innit?
I like the way YW talks of his opinions as "raw facts" (21:47:46) whilst other's merely express "opinions" (22:57:58). A tad arrogant?
28th Aug 2016 23:25:43 
Wish he would bore off
I sincerely trust Clarke proves me wrong.
28th Aug 2016 23:24:59 
But sadly he won't.
Again..wrong. it's not about just what I want. It's my honest opinion of what I believe can sort and improve things.
28th Aug 2016 23:24:05 
This GB is about world etc.
But only if they do what you think is best and get in another keeper?
28th Aug 2016 23:08:31 
Or perhaps we should just trust them to know a hell of a lot more than us about the squad and what is best to keep us up...
Windlesham - of course I will give credit to our management team if we survive this season.
28th Aug 2016 23:04:11 
Very odd post by yourself!?
STTA live now on ITV HD!
28th Aug 2016 23:04:10 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
WW - your opinion.
28th Aug 2016 22:57:39 
I happen to have my opinion and believe it is far from bollocks. 👍
Yorkshire Womble: You don't half speak bollocks... Have some frickin faith! As a previous poster have said, we're punching beyond our weight! We were never likely to be smashing it, especially after just 5 games... Have faith, with 4 automatic relegation places it's not going to be easy, granted but a long way to go yet!!
28th Aug 2016 22:49:09 
Far too many people over reacting!! Have a 'woodbine' philosophy - you'll sleep better!
Tyrone Barnett - yet to make an impact, will/could he do it?
28th Aug 2016 22:36:51 
We really need last season's LTB back
So promotion stemmed entirely from the management team too? I clearly didn't credit them enough. It is down to the club as a whole club management, football management and players. I won't slate Danny Bulman but I won't blame some other player or Ardley for the fact that most of our players are better suited to League 2 than League 1. We got promoted early, it is a bonus season, we should do what we can to stay up but not throw people under the bus on the whim of a few supporters.
28th Aug 2016 22:36:33 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Yorkshire - What is your point exactly? If we get relegated then it is the fault of the management? Obviously in that case the converse would apply - our promotion last season was also down to the management and so the two seasons would cancel themselves out? If amazingly (even after 5 games you seem to be talking relegation) we manage to avoid the drop this season then you will praise the management?
28th Aug 2016 22:35:54 
Very odd post...
@Windsor - not sure. I drove past Brentford's new site yesterday. No changes there yet.
28th Aug 2016 22:13:01 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
Rover T - let me please clearly point out then at no point did I say we'd been poor throughout
28th Aug 2016 22:11:50 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
I wasn't there yesterday but I've been at all the others. I think we've been pretty good overall. Better side at Northampton, really good 2nd half v Scunthorpe, some great forward play at Peterborough. YW makes it sound like we've been woeful throughout!
28th Aug 2016 22:01:00 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
YW - I think one of the reasons we got promoted was we had Taylor up front banging the goals in on a regular business and Roos at the back who was a good keeper for L2. Football management is as much about recruitment as anything. If you can't afford players who will be big players in the League then you need fighters. Neal was able to replace Shea with Roos and Taylor and Elliott for Bayo, Azeez and Tanner both improvements.
28th Aug 2016 21:59:35 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels
The raw facts are these..any teams overall style of play..body language..and general performances all start from 1 place. The management. If we fail this season..some of you need to realise..that's not actually down to the players on the field..they are signed and pick up their wages. It's the management s full responsibility to direct..motivate and ensure correct tactics/substitutions are made to get the Wins needed to reach tally of points to stay in League 1.
28th Aug 2016 21:47:46 
You won't hear me slate the likes of Danny Bulman as he gives 100% when he wears the Wimbledon shirt. I ask no more than that. However I'm rather angered when I see little effort and also players who have been signed and raved about by our management team then we see such poor performances from those players. Still time for NA to hold his hands up and say yup j got it wrong with keeper..then go get one with some of sweeney funds and see his team pull away from relegation places before 2 late
Who's stadium will be ready first I wonder us or Brentford?
28th Aug 2016 21:47:23 
windsor don - The ex home of WUPixels
Sensational tackle. What a finish
28th Aug 2016 21:45:55 
[] - The ex home of WUPixels